Even on the version provided by National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) Shaun Abrahams, and Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha, the meeting between the NDPP, President Jacob Zuma and three Cabinet Ministers at the headquarters of the governing party one day before the Finance Minister was charged with fraud was highly problematic.

Minister Michael Masutha confirmed this week that he “invited” NDPP Shaun Abrahams to attend a meeting at Luthuli House (the headquarters of the governing ANC). Present at the meeting was Masutha, President Jacob Zuma, State Security minister David Mahlobo and Minister of Social Development Bathibile Dlamini. (more…)


Quote of the week

Despite his reluctance, Mr. Trump reveals himself over and over, in the stories he tells, in his wide-ranging answers to questions and at times in casual, seemingly throwaway lines. Who does he look up to? “I don’t have heroes,” Mr. Trump said. Does he examine history to better understand the present? “I don’t like talking about the past,” he said, later adding, “It’s all about the present and the future.” Who earns his respect? “For the most part,” he said, “you can’t respect people because most people aren’t worthy of respect.”

Michael Barbaro
The New York Times
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