The appointment of the disgraced Hlaudi Motsoeneng as the head of corporate affairs at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) after the Western Cape High Court confirmed that his appointment as Chief Operation Officer (COO) was irrational and thus invalid, is almost certainly also irrational and hence invalid. While probably not in contempt of the order issued by the High Court that invalidated Mr Motsoeneng’s appointment, the move by the SABC does show contempt for the Public Protector, for the proven facts, and for the settled legal principles.

This week the SABC decided to appoint Hlaudi Motsoeneng as the head of corporate affairs at that institution. This followed the finalisation of court proceedings which confirmed that his appointment as COO was irrational and which declared the appointment invalid. (more…)


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Without an ethic of love shaping the direction of our political vision and our radical aspirations, we are often seduced, in one way or the other, into continued allegiance to systems of domination—imperialism, sexism, racism, classism. It has always puzzled me that women and men who spend a lifetime working to resist and oppose one form of domination can be systematically supporting another. I have been puzzled by powerful visionary black male leaders who can speak and act passionately in resistance to racial domination and accept and embrace sexist domination of women, by feminist white women who work daily to eradicate sexism but who have major blind spots when it comes to acknowledging and resisting racism and white supremacist domination of the planet.

bell hooks
Love as the Practice of Freedom
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