Reports that the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (also known as the Hawks) has summoned former members of the South African Revenue Services management – including the Minister of Finance – to provide “warning statements” (a step sometimes taken before a suspect is charged and arrested), has shocked many South Africans. Defenders of the move have argued that “the law should take its course” and that it would be premature to criticise the way in which the Hawks have handled this matter. This argument might be based on a faulty premise.

It is not easy for any of us consistently to support the principle that no one should be above the law and that all should be subject to the law which must be impartially applied and administered. (more…)


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The United States has declared war on cancer, on pornography, and on terror, and the lesson to be gleaned from those campaigns is that, unlike most other wars, those declared against common nouns seldom come to a precisely defined conclusion.

Melanie Cobb
The New Yorker
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