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Wonder Woman allows its heroine all the trappings of free, courageous, independent womanhood. It even cheers her on when she bashes up men. It merely propagates the unhelpful myth that if a woman is nice enough, pretty enough, feminine enough, she can do such things without ever causing offense, or being called a bitch. Really, if you want feminist inspiration, you’re better off skipping Wonder Woman and going back to watch the wiseacre heroines of the 1940s: the ones played by Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Rosalind Russell, and Barbara Stanwyck.

Zoë Heller
The New York Review of Books
18 December 2015

SAA v BDFM & Others

Complete High Court judgment in the case of the gagging of Business Day and Others by the SAAA can be downloaded here: SAA v BDFM & Others – Judgment – Sutherland, J – 2015-12-17-1

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