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Zuma and the Guptas: the “symbiosis” continues

Not even the most gullible South African is going to believe that a plane with 200 guests attending the private wedding of a foreign national would have been allowed to land at an air force base if the father of the bride was not financially entangled with President Jacob Zuma and his family. Out of loyalty or embarrassment some Zuma supporters might pretend to believe that (now suspended) Chief of State Protocol Bruce Koloane is solely responsible for this scandal. The rest of us would be within our rights to demand that an independent criminal investigation be launched to find out whether the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act was breached.

It is not a secret that President Zuma and members of his family are financially entangled with the Guptas. (Previously, President Zuma was financially entangled with Schabir Shaik in what the High Court called a “mutually beneficial symbiosis” — before the relationship broke down when that encrypted fax temporarily landed Shaik in jail — and at death’s door — for corrupting and bribing Zuma.)

Of course, at present there is no proof that the “mutually beneficial symbiosis” between the Zuma family and the Gupta family is directly to blame for the Waterkloof fiasco, as there is no proof that President Zuma himself instructed officials to break the law in order to help his Gupta pals. It might be that the private plane was received at Waterkloof military base, that the guests entered South Africa without any customs inspection, and that the guests were escorted by specialist policemen all the way to Sun City without Zuma’s personal knowledge. The Guptas have always bragged about their connections with the Zumas and this might have led the relevant politicians and the officials that take orders from them to break the rules to accommodate the Gupta wedding party. Sometimes in order to receive preferential treatment all you need is for people to know you have the Big Man in your pocket. A wink and a nod will do the rest.

What are the elements of the “mutually beneficial symbiosis” between the Zuma family and the Gupta family? Rumours have swirled around the nature of the financial entanglement of the Guptas with the Zuma family and the influence this has bought the Guptas. As there is no independent corruption fighting body in South Africa that is independent enough, brave enough and powerful enough to investigate corruption allegations against either President Zuma and his family members or against any of the Guptas, the exact nature of the possible benefits that flow from the Guptas to the Zumas and from the Zumas to the Guptas remain unknown. But there are many proven facts, along with untested allegations and circumstantial evidence, about this relationship that will probably never be aired in court because of the absence of an independent corruption fighting body to look into whether these links have crossed the boundaries of legality.

Late last year the Mail & Guardian reported that there was evidence that the Gupta family was helping first lady number four, Bongi Ngema-Zuma, pay off her R3.8-million home loan. We also know that Duduzane Zuma, President Jacob Zuma’s 29 year old son, jointly control Mabengela Investments with Tony Gupta while JIC Mining Services is also majority-owned by the Guptas and Duduzane Zuma. There are other links: on Thursday President Zuma was supposed to board an air force Oryx helicopter at 14:00 from Swartkop air base to Sun City to attend the Gupta wedding ceremony, but these plans were shelved after the uproar about the abuse of the Waterkloof military base.

We also know that state-owned enterprises have spent more than R100 million in “advertising” in the Gupta-owned New Age newspaper, despite the fact that the newspaper has not been able to provide audited circulation figures. Two years ago the Sunday Times alleged that the Guptas might have had a role in influencing the appointment of CEOs and chairmen in key state-owned enterprises and that this was raised at an ANC National Working Committee (NWC). The Sunday Times claimed that the Guptas telephoned at least three deputy ministers and told them they were to be promoted days before Zuma announced his cabinet reshuffle; phoned several ministers to assure them that their jobs were secure ahead of Zuma’s announcement; bragged about their influence, telling one ANC premier he was “fortunate” they went to his office to see him — as many other public officials had to meet them at the Guptas’ home. Several of these claims have been denied — in general terms — by some of those involved.

Of course, the influence of the Guptas goes beyond Zuma and the ANC. Helen Zille last year admitted to having visited the Guptas’ home, where she received a donation for the DA – although she made the startling claim that she had no idea the cheque came from the Guptas. (She did enthuse about the food, which apparently was delicious.)

But given the proven facts about the shared business interests of the Gupta and Zuma families, the widespread rumours of how this entanglement is allegedly being used by the Guptas to gain some benefits from their association with the Zuma family (they reportedly often boast of their influence over Zuma) and the brazen nature of the current breach of national security, it would be bizarre (but not unexpected) if the police fail — at the very least – to investigate the Guptas for breaching the corruption laws.

Section 3 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act of 2003 creates an extremely broad definition of corruption. It punishes both the person receiving or offering to receive any “gratification” and the person who gives or offers a “gratification”. The Act punishes people who take or give “gratifications” when the “gratification” is given to corrupt either the person who is offered the “gratification” or with the understanding that the corrupted person would influence others to act in a corrupt way.

This means if someone — a Gupta family member, say — hands money to the president or provides employment for a child of the president or co-opts the president’s child as a business partner, or pays the bond on the house of one of the president’s wives with the intention of creating a “mutually beneficial symbiosis” with the president for corrupt purposes, he or she is committing a crime. It matters not whether the president ever intended to be corrupted. Neither does the Act require the person providing the “gratification” from intending to get the benefit for which the bribe is being offered directly from the person the gratification was provided to.

As the Shaik judgment illustrated, there is no need to link a specific payment or provision of a specific “gratification” with the actual benefit derived from it. The state would therefore not have to show that a specific payment or benefit was made in order to buy special treatment for the Gupta wedding guests. All it would have to show is that there was an intention to buy the favour of the president for the purpose of obtaining favours from him or those directed by him in future. As long as there was an intention to corrupt and as long as a benefit was given with that intention, the person who gave the benefit is guilty of corruption.

The person receiving the benefit can also be convicted of corruption, whether he or she had the intention actually to do a favour for the person offering or giving the bribe or not. As long as he or she knew the benefit was provided for a corrupt purpose, he or she will be guilty of corruption — even if no favours are actually done in return and even if he never intended to do such favours. This much is made clear by section 25 of the Act which states that a person charged with receiving a benefit cannot offer as a defence that he or she did not have the power, right or opportunity to perform or not to perform a specific act benefitting the corruptor or never intended to provide the benefit for which he or she was bribed.

This means that if, say, a president receives a benefit from a friend who had the intention to corrupt him — to buy his influence — and the president knew or reasonably ought to have known this was the corruptor’s intention, the president himself is guilty of corruption when he accepts the “gratification” — even if he had no intention of committing a corrupt act or of influencing somebody else to commit a corrupt act.

Of course it is easier to prove that the receiver of the benefit is corrupt if he or she actually did some favour for the corruptor or influenced another person to do the corruptor a favour. Section 3 sets out what kinds of favours will be considered as corrupt, stating that this will be the case if you have a legal obligation (in terms of statute, contract or the like) to act in one way and you act differently, for example because you act illegally, dishonestly, in an unauthorised, incomplete or biased manner and this amounts to the abuse of a position of authority, a breach of trust, or the violation of a legal duty or a set of rules or that amounts to any other unauthorised or improper inducement to do or not to do anything.

The nature of the “gratification” that must be offered, given or accepted is defined extremely broadly too. It includes giving money, any donation, gift, loan, fee, reward, valuable security, property or interest in property, as well as any office, status, honour, employment, contract of employment. It would also include any payment, release, discharge or liquidation of any loan, obligation or other liability (like paying off another person’s bond) as well as any other service or favour or advantage of any description including any right or privilege. This means if you accept the offer of someone repaying the bond on your wife’s house and you ought to have known that this offer was made for a corrupt purpose, then you are guilty of corruption yourself.

By setting out these principles I am not suggesting that I have access to evidence to prove that any of the Guptas gave the various benefits to members of the Zuma family with the intention to corrupt them. Neither am I suggesting that there is hard proof that various members of the Zuma family received “gratifications” from the Guptas knowing that this was intended to buy the influence of the president or any other family member. What I am saying is that given the bizarre favouritism shown to the Guptas by members of the government (who allowed a plane with their private wedding guests to land at a military base and then provided an official 40-man police convoy to accompany the guests to the wedding), any independent corruption-fighting body would at the very least immediately have started an investigation into the possible links between the “gratifications” provided to various Zumas and the benefits received by the Guptas in return.

But this will not happen because there is no truly independent corruption-fighting unit in South Africa who would decide — based on the prima facie evidence and acting without fear, favour or prejudice — to investigate either the Guptas or the president for potential involvement in a corrupt relationship. In any case, if there were such a body, a decision to launch such an investigation would have meant the end of its existence — just ask the Scorpions. Of course, the fact that both the Zuma family and the Guptas know this might or might not be a mere co-incidence.

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    @ PdV

    “Not even the most gullible South African is going to believe …”

    Our people are not gullible. But they will keep on voting ANC because they KNOW it is the only party that can represent the aspirations of our people.

  • Ozoneblue

    The ANC elected Prez. Zuma.

    Therefore ANC must go!

  • Ozoneblue

    The ANC.

    The oldest and therefore the most CORRUPT African liberation movement in the history of the world.

  • Dmwangi


    Do you hear that? PdV says it sounds like rent-seeking. First Shaik, now Gupta. Do you see a pattern?

  • John

    Well, you are telling us what we already know – absolutely nothing will come of this because the corrupt scum that need to be investigated will make sure that nothing is done about this. This is what tin-pot dictatorships are all about – enrich yourself and stuff your nation.

  • Ian

    Scholarly analysis based on fact is an essential process in the move towards restoration of core governance values. I see Professor Suttner working in the same vein.

    While it is tempting to lash out at the visible manifestation of our discontent (Jacob Zuma) it is more important to present the Scientific validation of his errors. This has the effect of reclaiming essential values of mutual altruistic survival governed by humanitarian concern, values being eroded daily by Zuma’s mere existence, and facilitated by individuals like Jeff Radebe and Mike Sutcliffe, amongst many others referred to emotively as “sycophants”.

    Many thanks for your comittment to these ideals Pierre; I have no doubt that the more we use what remains of our democratic space to publicise the genuine will of a democratic South Africa, as you do, the sooner the electorate will act to recover our balance and purpose as a nation.

    The great difficulty of course is the pervasive belief systems linked to primal human behaviour devoid of awareness regarding global mutual altruistic survival. Immense Indian wealth in thoughtless hands, immense political power exercised by China’s morally nude leadership are prime examples. What of our innate “Ubuntu” will allow us to fight off these predator states, while Zuma et al are clearly unable and unwilling to even think in these terms?

    The academic work of preparing true democracy is our greatest intellectual challenge as South Africans. Zuma has set the stage for a great war on behalf of true individual liberty in conjunction with the need for collective responsability. By his hand alone has the stage been set for immense human evolution of thought. We ought to be grateful that his limited wisdom and retrogressive tribal thought processes have pushed us to this point.

    Perhaps because of him the worlds of Science and Academia will now work in harmony to offer citizens of South Africa some thinking of real value; a way not to become subjects of corrupt kings, despots and ammoral entities like the Gupta “Corporation”.

  • Maggs Naidu – Hail Guptas! (

    Just for the record, while the impression may be that Zuma is probably one of the most corruptible presidents the world has seen, it was the Mbeki administration which introduced us to the Guptas.

    The Pahad brothers were pretty cosy there – didn’t the “(S)Thinker” originate from the hallowed offices in the Gupta Towers?

  • Maggs Naidu – Hail Guptas! (

    May 2, 2013 at 22:48 pm

    LOL DM,

    “Do you hear that? PdV says it sounds like rent-seeking. First Shaik, now Gupta. Do you see a pattern?”

    Nice one.

    But on the upside I must say that you hate everyone equally (except who you IMPRESS that is – wink, wink).

  • Thato Moloi

    But we, Black people we responsible for this mess. We are emotional wrecks when it comes to politics, why are we voting with emotions, yes apartheid happened but we have the freedom to vote and only our vote can stop this mess. If I could ask any Black person to tell me what has Zuma’s government achieved so far not Mandela or Mbeki legacies please. You have no clue just like me. Let’s use our votes wisely so that we can stop this dramatic state of affairs.

  • Maggs Naidu – Hail Guptas! (

    Thato Moloi
    May 3, 2013 at 6:36 am

    Thato – who is the alternative to the ANC?

    My view of the DA is that it is anti-transformation, anti-poor, established in the main by a racist elite.

    If the ANC does not get rid of Zuma before the next elections not only will I not vote or campaign for and/or support the ANC – I’ll vote for the DA and campaign for it even though I dislike that party immensely.

  • Maggs Naidu – Hail Guptas! (

    Be grateful you little sods!

    Gupta: SA should be thankful
    2013-05-03 07:50

    Johannesburg – South Africans should be thankful for the investment the Gupta family is bringing to the country, businessman Atul Gupta said on Friday.

    “There is so much you can see… hundreds of people are getting jobs, there is a boost to the tourism,” he told the SABC.

    The Gupta family is celebrating the wedding of Vega Gupta, 23, to Indian-born Aakash Jahajgarhia in Sun City, North West.

    Atul Gupta is the chairperson of family-owned TNA media, which produces The New Age newspaper. The family also owns a large portion of Sahara Computers.

    Gupta said he did not understand why there was a concern about the landing of an aircraft chartered by the family at Waterkloof Air Force Base on Tuesday.

    “I don’t know what they want…. The airplane had permission. No airplane in the world can land without permission.”

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    @ Maggs

    “If the ANC does not get rid of Zuma before the next elections … I’ll vote for the DA and campaign for it”

    I am deeply saddened by this horrible threat. The way to make the ANC do the right thing is to apply subtle pressure, appeal to reason/ubuntu, and understand that millions of good, honest folk are working quietly within the party. It is NOT to blackmail it — or even think of voting for another party. That will only make the ANC feel insecure and miserable!


  • Ozoneblue

    Maggs Naidu – Hail Guptas! (
    May 3, 2013 at 6:42 am

    “If the ANC does not get rid of Zuma before the next elections not only will I not vote or campaign for and/or support the ANC – I’ll vote for the DA and campaign for it even though I dislike that party immensely.”

    Well said my friend. By I’m going to do that anyway because I know for a fact that Zuma is not the problem.

    ANC must go. Vote WASP!

  • Ozoneblue

    People must remember you don’t have to vote DA – every vote you take away from ANC is for the better, whether you vote FF+, Inkhata, UDM, Agang or WASP. Vote for the party that represents your interests – that is why we have a MULTIPARTY democracy.

    ANC must go!

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    With respect, there is an element of RACISM in so-called “Guptagate.” White dignitaries fly into Andrews Airforce Base in Maryland every day to visit Mr Obama. Why does the liberal press not make a big fuss about this?

  • Jeffman

    Exactly, MDF is correct, in fact Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton landed their private jets at Andrews AFB just the other day.

  • Ozoneblue

    ANC in deep identity crises but vows to act against itself.

    “Cape Town – Western Cape ANC leader Marius Fransman says he escaped being beaten by a mob following a meeting with regional party leaders, it was reported on Thursday.”


  • John Roberts

    What ? No attack on middle class whites in this article? What the fuck is going on Pierre? Shape up man !

  • Ozoneblue

    he he.

    Looking forward to this one – Solidaritiet is going to eat Fransman/Dexter alive:

    “Marius Fransman will debate with Solidarity – ANC WCape”

    Just hope PdV and White liberal mob will be there to rant against the privileged Whites again, Fransman will certainly need all the help he could get.

  • Ozoneblue

    And then of course some more openly xenophobia and race-baiting to indicate just how racist and divisive the AFRICAN Nationalist Congress “multiracial” dogma has become.

    “THE Gupta brothers set foot in South Africa for the first time in 1993. The arrival of the Gupta clan, as part of the Great Trek from India, was not quite like Jan van Riebeeck landing the Dromedaris, Reijger and Goede Hoop in the Cape in 1652, but both sets of settlers conquered nonetheless.”

    “Those who know Zuma well say he has a long memory: he doesn’t forget his enemies and he remembers those loyal to him. However, how he ditched the Shaiks for the Guptas disproves the part about him remembering his benefactors, as he tossed aside the Indians from Durban for the Indians from India.”

    Yet nobody complained when the Oppenheimer family courted Nelson Mandela as “a personal friend”. Nobody makes a big hoohah about the personal family or nationality of the countless British, American and other European foreigners that conducts business with senior ANC members in “BEE deals” on a daily basis.

    It is those “bargaining Indians” screwing the poor African people just like in Uganda again.

  • Ozoneblue
  • Brett Nortje – Help! Help! The ANC has turned my country into a Bantustan!

    Maggs Naidu – Hail Guptas! ( says:
    May 3, 2013 at 6:42 am

    Did you see what the DA in the Western Cape has been pulling in their supposed ‘school feeding schemes’?

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    Where were the LIBERAL whingers when, in 1994, Dr Vorster flew in the family of General Afredo Stroessner to the Ysterplaat air base for the lavish wedding of Stroessner’s lovely daughter Felicia to a prominent Goodwood businessman?


  • Gwebecimele

    I am off to Sun City, see u at the next breakfast.

    When your father’s knocks at the door you dont ask permission from your dad before opening the door.

  • Zoo Keeper

    I have no idea of the truth but from the outside the following seems to have happened.

    A civilian plane carrying civilians from a foreign country arrived at a military airbase. Only foreign dignitaries such heads of State may land at a military establishment.

    It is a criminal act as far as I can ascertain to land at a military airbase in the absence of special permission or an emergency.

    The civilians were disembarked and their luggage disembarked. One would assume military personnel carried out these menial tasks for these foreign civilians.

    The foreign civilians did not have their possessions scrutinized by Customs & Excise. Passport control appears not have been carried out.

    Therefore about 200 foreign civilians entered the country illegally. These illegal immigrants must therefore be arrested and repatriated immediately on the next flight.

    The now illegal immigrants were afforded an official police cavalcade with on-duty officers to Sun City. Blue lights were used to indicate an emergency when no emergency was in existence. This is another criminal offense. The drivers also drove at 160km+ which is immediately a charge of reckless and negligent driving.

    The police protected the illegal immigrants and did not arrest them and remove them to a detention center.

    The ANC has simply tried its best to say Zuma knew nothing, or at least the ANC knew nothing and this was organized by lower-order apparichiks.

    This means the ANC is de facto guilty of organizing the illegal entry of 200 foreign civilians, the illegal use of military installations for the benefit of foreign civilians – possible treason charge – the illegal use of police vehicles and manpower, blatant disregard for the rule of law, in fact actively undermining it.

    If the ANC knew all about this, it should be charged with treason, and the country put to a general election immediately.

    If it genuinely did not, it means it is so hopelessly incapable of governing this country that it places South Africa at a material international risk.

    So the ANC is either manifestly corrupt; or so incompetent at its job it leaves South Africa at material international risk.

    Both ways, anyone who votes ANC, is responsible for this mess. Your vote, your politician, your treason.

  • guest

    “Maggs Naidu – Hail Guptas! (
    May 3, 2013 at 6:42 am

    If the ANC does not get rid of Zuma before the next elections not only will I not vote or campaign for and/or support the ANC – I’ll vote for the DA and campaign for it even though I dislike that party immensely.”

    Look who is talking!!!


    Oh boy, someone please stop this, my stomach is hurting!

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder – The DA Fought Apartheid!

    @ Guest


    With respect, in the same circumstances, I would campaign for Mr Zuma again. Like any politician, he is flawed, and I would quibble with many of his decisions. But the fact is that we will not deal with 760 years of colonialist apartheid in 20 years. Also, Mrs Zille has a lot to answer for!

  • Ozoneblue

    The people Fought Apartheid!
    May 3, 2013 at 22:19 pm

    Zuma = ANC.
    ANC = Zuma.
    Mbeki != ANC
    ANC = Mbeki
    Mandela = ANC.
    ANC = Mandela.

    Any questions?

  • guest

    @ MDF,

    Your witty sarcasm while always appreciated is so dry one can cut it with a knife.

    Also your screen name reminds me of Ostap Bender in a funny way :)

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    @ Guest

    With respect, I find it sad that you should dismiss as “sarcastic” an attempt to countervail the overwhelming LIBERAL bias of the chattering classes that clutter this blog, with their reflexive anti-ANC bias, slavish adherence to the line of the WHITIST press from which they derive their [mis]information, and unshakable loyalty to a certain imperious “Madam,” who is evidently hell-bent on securing the Western Cape as the last refuge of colonialism, on the benighted southmost toe of the continent!


  • guest

    @ MDF

    Wow, this time you’ve outdone yourself. Marx, Stalin, Castro and Mao would have been proud! I am however a bit disappointed that the terms ‘revolution’ (red, October – optional) or ‘imperialist threat’ were not used at least once.

    Not to worry, all those nagging issues will be countered and dealt with by the Zuptas, the unions, or the black nationalists/tribalists etc – and if not, the indians can always help with a few tips for waiters or about their own caste system, or the chinese – with a few lessons in communist indoctrination, or democracy and human rights and freedoms. And when all is finally said and done, it will be back to square one for everyone – for another merry spin of the history’s wheel and another repeat of all mistakes.

    You’re welcome.

  • Dumisani

    Can I now say “I smell a Gupta” without getting racial slurs and insults being hurled at me?

  • Dmwangi


    Is Motlanthe spot on? Or advancing a dangerous notion, which educators will use to instill/impose their own personal ideologies, propoganda, social preferences, moral codes, etc. on their students – as evidenced by this blog?

    “Johannesburg – Teachers are viewed by society as models of moral excellence and transmitters of culture, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe said on Saturday.

    “Society looks to educators as models of moral excellence and the transmitters of culture, value system and norms. Teachers are charged to socialise learners into matured and responsible adults who will in turn take up their societal places in the future,” Motlante said in a speech prepared for delivery in Polokwane.

    Motlanthe was speaking at the opening of the SA Democratic Teachers’ Union’s [Sadtu] Curtis Nkondo Professional Development Institute in Polokwane.

    He said teachers were expected to lead by example.

    “Against this background, educators have the moral, professional, intellectual and historical duty to avoid acts of behaviour inconsistent with these expectations of their profession.”‘

  • Ozoneblue

    May 4, 2013 at 15:43 pm

    “Can I now say “I smell a Gupta” without getting racial slurs and insults being hurled at me?”

    Ag shame. As always the victim again. Don’t worry boet, you Africans can hurl racist slurs as much as you like. Even senior leaders do so on public platforms. Talk about killing boers, “overconcentrated Coloureds”, “bargaining Indians”, the Guptas, “settler Indians” from India and Durban and so on and so forth.

    BTW – how does a Gupta smell? More like coolie than you noble Africans I assume?

  • Ozoneblue

    Talking about RACISM and eternal, incurable victimhood.

    “Cosatu is also alleging racism on the part of the influential family, claiming that the Guptas don’t want to be served by the African staff members who are employed in the resort, demanding instead that white staff wait on them, clean their rooms and drive them.”

    So one wonder if these Guptas perhaps didn’t make a statement by not wanting to be served by Africans but by Whites instead? Who were the the victims of racism here, the White workers who nobody including Cosatu gives a shit about or the poor Africans again? Or is it just that Cosatu is just as fucking racist as their alliance partners and can’t tolerate that White workers are employed at all?

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    My understanding is that Mr Gupta is more comfortable dealing with blacks as strict EQUALS. That is why he expressed a preference for not having black cleaning staff attend upon him and his guests at Sun City!


  • Ozoneblue

    What you say of this Dumisani.

    “Who can blame the Guptas? It’s not their fault our leaders dance to their tune, and praise the curry they are fed at the “cabinet meetings” at the Guptas’ Saxonwold compound. It is the duty of those who signed the oath of office to distinguish between right and wrong. It is in the DNA of the Guptas to do things unconventionally.”

    What has all this irrelevant stuff about “feeding them curry” and their [Indian] “DNA” have to do with any of this. Would you like to incite our people to kill the Gupta as well?

    How about Cyril Ramapahosa and his dear friends the Mennell family? What do they feed him, bangers and mash?

  • Ozoneblue

    And else where in this new world order dominated by this “identity politics” and the universal Nationalist sentiments.

    “Marton Gyongyosi said Hungary had “become subjugated to Zionism, it has become a target of colonisation while we, the indigenous people, can play only the role of extras”. Last year, Mr Gyongyosi had sparked outrage by saying all government officials of Jewish origin should be officially listed, as they might be a “national security risk”.”

  • Gwebecimele
    Dworky musttell this fellow that white advocates are also suffering from lack of work.

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    @ Gwebe

    “Dworky must tell this fellow that white advocates are also suffering from lack of work.”

    Gwebe is wrong. It is true that many young WHITISH advocates resign from the bar early in their careers. But I heard a rumour that this is not because they have insufficient briefs. Au contraire: It is because all white advocates are so overwhelmed with work that they suffer from terrible EXHAUSTION, and must rest!


  • Gwebecimele
    The much loved investors are about to make Telkom out of Eskom. Telkom used to be a R100bn company but today its just under R16bn.

  • Maggs Naidu – Zuma knows what he is doing! (

    So the ANC has sold the country!

    With their debut in the Mbeki Administration, the conclusion by Zuma & Co!

    Zuma seems to care more about his relationship with the Gupta family than he does about how he is perceived by the government of India.

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    @ Ozoneguy

    “Zuma = ANC, ANC = Zuma, Mbeki != ANC = Mbeki, Mandela = ANC, ANC = Mandela. Any questions?”

    Yes, I have a question. Are you saying that Mr Mandela was never a member of the DA?

  • Maggs Naidu – Zuma knows what he is doing! (

    Alarm bells started ringing in the intelligence agencies about the conduct and dealings of the Gupta brothers and Njenje ordered an investigation into the family’s inappropriate influence on South Africa’s top political leaders and government officials.

    When Cwele learnt of this, he ordered that the investigation be stopped immediately. Njenje, backed by the other two DGs, tried to warn that the Guptas behaviour constituted a “threat to national security” and if allowed to continue would compromise the credibility of the state. Cwele refused to listen or see whether there was legitimate cause for the investigation. This soured relations between Cwele and the DGs, which over the next few months deteriorated to the extent that the minister asked them to leave.

    It was not as if Cwele pulled the plug on the investigation because Zuma told him to do so. He would not entertain any discussion about the Guptas being investigated because he was cognisant of the special relationship between the family and the president, and concluded that they needed to be protected from scrutiny.

    During the stand-off Zuma became aware of the trouble between his three trusted spooks and his minister, and the source of the trouble. He did not intervene to stop their departure, leaving Njenje, Shaik and Maqetuka to hang out to dry. The Guptas continued with their wayward behaviour, unhindered, while Zuma’s three comrades washed their hands of the matter – and him.

    Two years later, the warnings Njenje gave about the Guptas compromising the integrity and credibility of the state by bullying and influencing senior officials have now come back to haunt the Zuma administration. The family pulled off the most brazen act, arranging landing rights for their private jet at the Waterkloof Air Force Base without fear of reprisals. The Guptas became aware of the attempted intelligence investigation against them and the punishment meted out against the three DGs. Therefore, if they were not swaggering enough already, that incident showed them, and everyone else in government, that they were beyond reproach.

    Their previous stunts allegedly include trying to strong-arm a former senior Government Communications and Information System official to buy government advertisements in their newspaper, The New Age, and instructing other directors-general on how they should award government contracts.

    For the Guptas there have been no repercussions while those at the receiving end of their bullying have been fearful about complaining to their seniors. Njenje, Shaik and Maqetuka are not the only senior officials to lose their jobs as a result of the Guptas, as several others who balked at their instructions were shown the door.

  • Brett Nortje – The ANC are backward! Completely out of place in the 21st Century….

    Anyone sense these ‘guardians’ feel in the slightest responsible for the fact that 4 out of 5 of the 500 000 murders committed the last 19 years remain unsolved?

  • Maggs Naidu – Zuma knows what he is doing! (

    But that does not stop Duduzane Zuma from parading former Miss SA Tatum Keshwar.

    The two look really cosy, with her on his arm.

    Keshwar is wearing a little pink dress for one of the six ceremonies and tweets proudly that being here is a throwback to her Indian roots. I also spot Khulubuse Zuma, dressed in a white linen suit and seemingly enjoying the Indian food on offer.

    Two of President Jacob Zuma’s wives, Nompumelelo MaNtuli Zuma and Bongi Ngema, are also here.

    IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi, with a feather in his hair, is in his London-made kurta. Television celebrities Basetsana Khumalo, Uyanda Mbuli and Simba Mhere are spotted enjoying the entertainment provided by the Bollywood stars and dancers’ who are putting on glamourous shows.

    Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, Deputy Communications Minister Obed Bapela and businessman Vivian Reddy are also here.

  • beetle

    Dumisane. I’m still with you on this one.

  • Gwebecimele

    Our courts at it again. Judges must send back ill prepared cases. Who must pay for this?

  • Maggs Naidu – Zuma knows what he is doing! (

    Notwithstanding the recent questions about the Guptas and landing rights, I’ve previously seen the Sahara helicopter land with impunity in Zoo Lake near their compound, despite the flouting of all manner of municipal and security laws.

    There are of course so many worrying things about this new power elite, which has already attracted many inches of column width over the past few days. But for me the worrying thing was not only about the plane landing at Waterkloof, or how it was allowed there. It was also about how so many of our Cabinet ministers seemingly saw no conflict in being so publicly associated with the Guptas – at a time when evidence of them holding incredible sway over the Cabinet and the Administration had become increasingly obvious. What was a member of the SACP like Minister Rob Davies (supposedly bent on achieving a “national democratic revolution”) doing cavorting with the family behind Imperial Crown Trading (whose venal brand of capitalism is seemingly bent on achieving exactly the opposite), other than hoping to soak up some of the patronage which would come his way? What was Malusi Gigaba doing there, so soon after the Sunday Times’ expose that one of his temporary appointments at SAA was the victim of an attempted bribe by Tony Gupta? We can suspend our disbelief when it comes to the attendance of former Mbeki henchman Essop Pahad (“I’m just here to enjoy myself”) because he is now effectively in the employ of the Guptas, who bankroll his magazine. But my heart really sank when I heard that Naledi Pandor, one of the more cerebral minds in an otherwise lacklustre Cabinet, had also attended. “It’s only a wedding,” she was purported to have said.

    Actually, Minister Pandor, it is not. For the sake of your country and your Administration’s stated aim of fighting corruption, it is much more than that.

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    Maggs, with respect, I say this whole so-called “Guptagate” is overblown. A simple communication error is dressed up as a violation of the National Key Points Act. And it is just sad to see COSATU acting as the unwitting pawn of Mrs Zille and her Desperate Alternative!


  • Maggs Naidu


    You may be onto something there.

    It’s only those of us who weren’t invited to THE WEDDING who seemed to be pissed off.

    Anyway the grumbling seems intended to embarrass the VIP guests.

    Why else is no one making much fuss over the Gupta’s private Cessna also having landed in Waterkloof?

    And that without any permission or fuss.

    Not even a diplomat or protocol officer needed.

    WDYSTT, eh?

  • ozoneblue


    Do you agree then that thes GUPTAS are uniquely corrupt and influencial and stealing the welf of the oppressed African people. Is it not time for the final soltion to be applied as we we did in Uganda?

  • Anonymouse

    “I don’t know what they want…. The airplane had permission. No airplane in the world can land without permission.”
    -Atul Gupta

    What?! With most of our air force grounded due to a lack of funds and trained pilots? How would our air force have been able to protect our air space against illegal invaders? But, yes, taking into account the air force’s weakness, and the corruptrion of the police members and members of our armed forces involved, and the fact tthat Zuma has such a keen financial interest in the Guptas (I mean, he even said out publicly that they should not be ‘prosecuted’, just engaged), I suppose the plane (nay – planes) had ‘permission’ to land. And the people – all foreigners (some, perhaps not having valid passports!) had ‘permission’ to enter the country through a non-commissioned port of entry, spend a ‘holiday’ and have a great jol at the wedding and then leave with impunity? … Well, I wonder whether all of them left. Dont we have immigration laws? In this way, the Guptas could help terrorists enter the country.

  • Brett Nortje – The ANC are backward! Completely out of place in the 21st Century….

    Dr Mouse, you don’t hear about them that often because – like the Indians whose businesses survived Mozambique’s experiment with Marxism intact – they have learned to keep a low profile. But, South Africa does have a sizeable Indian mafia or organised crime, call it what you want.

    A dorpie like Tzaneen is built on smuggled gold – east – and black ivory – west.

    There are many South-Asian illegals in this country.

  • Anonymouse

    Brett Nortje – The ANC are backward! Completely out of place in the 21st Century….

    May 7, 2013 at 10:34 am

    “A dorpie like Tzaneen is built on smuggled gold – east – and black ivory – west.

    There are many South-Asian illegals in this country.”

    I agree wholeheartedly – I grew up in Tzaneen and today it is different from what it was way back then. But I know about quite a few other such dorpies. I agree with the criticism – this lax approach to our imigration laws spells corruption, and it is a shame for our country’s name in the international community. No wonder European countries and the US of A are so strict on issuing visas for South Africans.

  • Maggs Naidu – Zuma knows what he is doing! (

    Brett and Dworky.

    It’s happened quicker than expected!

    “Working gun can be made by anyone using a 3D printer ”

  • Maggs Naidu – Zuma knows what he is doing! (

    May 7, 2013 at 7:47 am

    Ozone Guy,

    “Do you agree then that thes GUPTAS are uniquely corrupt and influencial and stealing the welf of the oppressed African people.”

    Not really.

    There’s a massive number of “uniquely corrupt and influential and stealing the wealth of the oppressed African people.”

    But no one else has yet commandeered the most secure facility of Africa’s most powerful military (and lived to celebrate the day).

    The Guptas are a symbol of how cheap the ANC has become!

  • Anonymouse

    Maggs Naidu – Zuma knows what he is doing! (

    May 7, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    “The Guptas are a symbol of how cheap the ANC has become!”

    You bet!!! I agree. The ANC has become a ‘cheap-cheap’ party – no wonder they are so interested to climb in the bed with the Peoples’ Republic of China in almost every respect.

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    @ Maggs

    “The Guptas are a symbol of how cheap the ANC has become!”

    I remind you that the “cheap” ANC has the support of two-thirds of our people. Also, have you not noticed that the ANC has called for a FULL INVESTIGATION of the Gupta matter? (Also, why does the LIBERAL PRESS, obsessed with hounding Mr Zuma, ignore the billions skimmed off from the latest DA tenders to stock the with crocodiles to keep “refugees” from the Eastern Cape out of its “Volksaat”?)

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    “… stock the RIVERS”


  • Anonymouse

    Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    May 7, 2013 at 13:25 pm

    Are they stocking the rivers with crocodiles? What about stocking the sea (esp False Bay) with ‘Great Whites’ (and declaring them an endangered species to boot)? That way those refugees that you refer to will be kept out of the sea and the river mouths in the Western Cape.

  • Brett Nortje – The ANC are backward! Completely out of place in the 21st Century….

    Maggs Naidu – Zuma knows what he is doing! ( says:
    May 7, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    Yes, I heard it on the news yesterday! Isn’t that great? Can you print me a Kentucky Longrifle? The rifle that won independence from the colonial oppressor?

    (They also manufacture blackpowder replicas in India – when OBS retracts your banning order…. )

  • Maggs Naidu – Thank the LORD for 3D Printers! (

    Brett Nortje – Bantustan Guy
    May 7, 2013 at 18:16 pm

    Hey Brett,

    So we are saved?

    Let’s hope the printers are soon VHS (very high speed) – we can rapidly print a small nuke, an arsenal of handguns, nooses and anything else we need to liberate ourselves from government.

    p.s. Soon we will be able to print space ships and fly away to distant planets!

  • Brett Nortje – The ANC are backward! Completely out of place in the 21st Century….

    Meshugene welt! Soon Dworky will be able to print his cousin’s phallus!

    Licence it. Distribute it….

  • Maggs Naidu – Thank the LORD for 3D Printers! (

    But Brett,

    While WMD and body parts have already been printed,

    Do you think we can print GOD with a 3D printer?

    Perhaps for GOD’s birthday we can print a Mrs God.

    WDYSTT, eh?

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    Brett, with respect, you are wasting our time with mindless speculation about “phallus printouts.” More important: are you experiencing BIEBER FEVER? I could not get a ticket, but am happy to download his videos from YouTube to watch on my iPad.


  • Brett Nortje – The ANC are backward! Completely out of place in the 21st Century….

    Really, your spelling is atrocious.

    It is spelled ‘G’Bibber’. You’re disrespecting one of the all-time great Belgian Shepherds.

  • Gwebecimele

    Learn from the best. All that is missing is an aircraft from Lesotho.

  • Maggs Naidu – Guptagate: The devil in the details! (

    Weeks before the Gupta jet landed at Waterkloof Air Force Base, copies of an SA Air Force document granting it landing permission were sent to the departments of Home Affairs and of Transport, and to the Civil Aviation Authority.

    More than 200 guests of the Gupta family arrived in South Africa on Tuesday last week to attend the lavish, four-day wedding of Vega Gupta and Aakash Jahajgarhia at the Sun City resort.

    Titled “RSA 05 External Clearance” and dated April 9, the document, seen by The Times, was also addressed to the SA National Defence Force’s chief of joint operations, Lieutenant-General Derrick Mgwebi.

    It cites a clearance code for the Gupta-chartered Jet Airways plane to land at Waterkloof: RSA 06/V/5643/VT-JWQ/29 April 2013. There is also a code authorising the aircraft’s refuelling at the military base.

  • Spuy Sebotsa

    The “Moloi” person who commented earlier is a white DA member,,,,There is just too much Helen Zille and DA in how he articulated their point. I conclude he/she is white because they are deliberately trying to much to be Black (in my view anyway), further concludes their view by veiled electioneering ! Not that there is anything wrong with being DA…But pretending to be Black whilst you are not is immoral.

    Prof your piece is riddled with speculations and lots and lots of further speculations and my little unlearned wisdom has taught me to wait for developments on my suspicions before I go public. I would have expected your learned self to show even more circumspection but hey – you couldn’t resist the temptation of jumping into a bandwagon as usual !

  • Brett Nortje – Dunning–Kruger effect: Is it possible the ANC do not realise how badly they suck at running our country?

    Spuy, perhaps that man can make lightning?

  • Anonymouse

    Spuy Sebotsa

    May 9, 2013 at 17:50 pm

    Can one, if one is white, really “try to be black”? And, how did you reach the conclusion that Thato Moloi is “white” as opposed to “black”? In order to be able to do so from such a small paragraph, one must ‘stereotype’ the one or the other or both racial groups – which approach is in its very nature, essentially RACIST. But, some time (even years) ago, in some other instances on this same blog, if I remember correctly, you also made some racist remarks. … Really, a scholar of Harvard and someone who worked at SACCAWU (Head: Legal Dept (FS & N. Cape)? … Shame on you!

  • Anonymouse

    Brett Nortje – Dunning–Kruger effect: Is it possible the ANC do not realise how badly they suck at running our country?

    May 9, 2013 at 18:11 pm

    Whats is the Dunning-Kruger effect?

  • Brett Nortje – Dunning–Kruger effect: Is it possible the ANC do not realise how badly they suck at running our country?

    Dr Mouse, research showing unskilled workers lack the self-awareness to know how badly they are doing the job they are paid to do.

    They score their own abilities much higher than their actual level of achievement.

  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    @ Brett

    “Unskilled workers lack the self-awareness to know how badly they are doing the job they are paid to do.”

    Brett, you are right. But the same goes for “skilled” workers and professionals. That is why, in the unlikely event that I am charged with murder, I will REFUSE Legal Aid’s inevitable offer of a “superhuman” Gauntlett or Unterhalter S.C. Instead I will DEMAND a 6th year Counsel who is humble enough to know what he does not know!

    Gwebe and Adv Ntsebeza feel the same!

  • Maggs Naidu – Hail Guptas! (

    Brett Nortje – aka FUBAR Guy!
    May 10, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Hey Brett,

    “Dr Mouse, research showing unskilled workers lack the self-awareness to know how badly they are doing the job they are paid to do.

    You should not be generalising about WHITE people – it’s so racist!

  • Anonymouse

    Hoo boy! The potato is becomming to hot to still be passed around –

  • Anonymouse
  • Anonymouse
  • katrina

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  • Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder

    @ Staff Clothing

    “you command get got an shakiness over that you wish be delivering the following”

    Staff Clothing is right. I say the “shakiness” to which he refers is not unconnected with the fact that some of us badly need to take a short break.