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In today’s India, as in many other places, power and money define the context. Those who enjoy social and economic privileges, and can summon powerful political influence, play by different rules. Vast quantities of unregulated capital let loose by the neoliberal economy slosh around to twist the machinery of laws and administration. An army of fixers and middlemen operate at every level to distort and corrupt the everyday experience of democracy, turning it into “a feast of vultures”.

Gyan Prakash
Emergency Chronicles: Indira Gandhi and Democracy's Turning Point
18 January 2010

Jaco Barnard-Naudé – A response to Prof Kader Asmal

A response to Prof Asmal’s view on the reparations case Jaco Barnard-Naudé  Prof Kader Asmal’s erudite opinion (avaliable here) on why the […]

13 January 2010

Jaco Barnard-Naudé: Reparations for big business collusion with apartheid overdue

Angry appeals show true colours of business Published in Business Day on 13 January 2009 JACO BARNARD-NAUDÉ THE apartheid reparation […]

24 November 2015

Apartheid mentalities and the transformation of legal culture

By Jaco Barnard-Naudé The controversy sparked by attorney Richard Spoor’s recent remarks which boils down to ‘I basically only brief […]

23 October 2015

Statement by members of UCT Faculty of Law on the use of violence by SAPS

Statement by the Faculty of Law on the use of violence by SAPS 23 October 2015 The Faculty of Law […]

5 July 2012

Some platitudes on returning to South Africa

I arrived back yesterday after almost three weeks in Eastern Europe, where I remained blissfully unaware of the media-reported (and […]

15 June 2012

Announcing a guest blogger for the next two weeks

I am flying off to Eastern Europe this afternoon and will only be back on 4 July. I am embarking […]

24 November 2011

But let me acknowledge once more, loud and clear: I am an apartheid beneficiary. I am not proud of it. […]

19 January 2011

24 January in Cape Town: SA, Germany and the living Constitution

The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany would like to draw the attention of the Cape Town legal […]

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