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As seductive as certain perspectives of international law may appear to those who disagree with the outcome of the interpretative exercise conducted by this Court in the contempt judgment, sight must not be lost of the proper place of international law, especially in respect of an application for rescission. The approach that my Brother adopts may be apposite in the context of an appeal, where a court is enjoined to consider whether the court a quo erred in its interpretation of the law. Although it should be clear by now, I shall repeat it once more: this is not an appeal, for this Court’s orders are not appealable. I am deeply concerned that seeking to rely on articles of the ICCPR as a basis for rescission constitutes nothing more than sophistry.

Khampepe J
Zuma v Secretary of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector Including Organs of State and Others (CCT 52/21) [2021] ZACC 28 (17 September 2021)
21 August 2012

The Sexuality and Equality in Africa Project: Call for contributions

The Sexuality and Equality in Africa Project

The Sexuality and Equality in Africa Project aims to encourage the voices of young African students, scholars, researchers, professionals and activists to the discourse on sexualities, sexual rights, sexual orientation and gender identity in Africa and to develop a body of resources written by young Africans with a focus on how these issues relate to Africa and Africans. The Review on Sexuality and Equality in Africa will be produced under the Project.

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Contributor’s Guide (English)
Contributor’s Guide (French)
Call For Papers – Sexuality and Equality in Africa (English)
Call For Papers – Sexuality and Equality in Africa (French)

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