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The unhappy fact that it is journalists, investigating organs of state and officialdom and the political class and their involvement in corrupt practices to loot the State’s resources, who, by so doing, attract the attention of powerful and influential persons who are capable of suborning the apparatus of the State to smell out their adversaries, cannot be ignored. The examples of abuse of the system have been addressed elsewhere in this judgment. Moreover, the respondents’ perspectives assume that the designated judge is not lied to and is diligent… In my view, in the absence of a rebuttal, this example illustrates a grave vulnerability in RJCA that such an apparent abuse could occur. The common cause examples of blatant lies being told to the designated judge further exacerbates the vulnerability of the system.

Sutherland J
Amabhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism NPC and Another v Minister of Justice and Correctional Services and Others
21 August 2012

The Sexuality and Equality in Africa Project: Call for contributions

The Sexuality and Equality in Africa Project

The Sexuality and Equality in Africa Project aims to encourage the voices of young African students, scholars, researchers, professionals and activists to the discourse on sexualities, sexual rights, sexual orientation and gender identity in Africa and to develop a body of resources written by young Africans with a focus on how these issues relate to Africa and Africans. The Review on Sexuality and Equality in Africa will be produced under the Project.

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Contributor’s Guide (English)
Contributor’s Guide (French)
Call For Papers – Sexuality and Equality in Africa (English)
Call For Papers – Sexuality and Equality in Africa (French)

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